Delivery policy
Information Services Access Policy

This policy determines the procedure for providing access to information services to the Customer.


- Online course - a package of information services, the volume and content of which are indicated on the official website of the Contractor.

- Official website of the Contractor -

- The fact of confirmation of the conclusion of the Agreement - placing an online order for the provision of the selected package of services and its subsequent payment.


2.1. The purpose of providing the Customer with access to Online Courses is for the Customer's own consumption.

2.2 Training materials are sent to the Customer's e-mail specified when placing an online order on the Contractor's website. The start date of the provision of information services is indicated on the Contractor's website when placing an online order.

2.3. The term for providing access to a specific Service Package is indicated on the Official Website of the Contractor. Access to the course materials remains open:

- within at least 90 days after graduation on the programs "Espresso I, II, III", "Espresso II, III";

- within at least 60 days after graduation on the programs "Espresso I", "Espresso +", "Espresso II", "Espresso III";

- within at least 30 days after the start of training on the "Ristretto" program


3.1. The Contractor undertakes:

3.1.1. by posting on the Official website of the Contractor, provide the Customer with reliable information about the types of services provided, methods of their provision, terms of payment for services and other information required in the framework of the fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement;

3.1.2. to familiarize the Customer, at his request, with the procedure for providing the service by e-mail, specified in clause 10.2 of this Agreement;

3.1.3. provide the Customer with services in the amount and within the time frame according to the Service Package chosen by the Customer;

3.1.4. immediately notify the Customer about the occurrence of force majeure circumstances that may affect the volume and quality of the services provided by the Contractor;

3.1.5. ensure the confidentiality of the information provided by the Customer, except in cases where the provision of access to such information for third parties is a necessary condition for the provision of services, or is mandatory by virtue of the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

3.2. The customer undertakes:

3.2.1. comply with the terms of this Agreement;

3.2.2. use the information received under this Agreement solely for personal purposes; the customer is not entitled to sell, transfer for gratuitous use, free transfer, exchange, transfer via telecommunication networks or in any way distribute (provide for commercial purposes) to third parties the information provided under this Agreement.

3.2.3. immediately notify the Contractor about the occurrence of force majeure circumstances that may affect the performance of the Customer's obligations under this Agreement, as well as the volume and quality of the services provided by the Contractor.


4.1. Each of the Parties is obliged to fulfill its obligations in an appropriate manner, providing all possible assistance to the other Party. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their duties, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, with the terms of this Agreement, if they are guilty. The absence of fault is subject to proof by the Party in breach of the obligation.

4.2 The Contractor guarantees the provision of access to services when the Customer uses technical equipment that meets the following system requirements:

- OS Windows, Android, iOS

- availability of the current version of the Google Chrome / Opera browser with all the necessary updates

The Contractor is not responsible for the impossibility of providing access to services due to the non-compliance of the Customer's equipment with the technical requirements of the Contractor indicated above.
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